World Cup 2018 predictor

Who will win the World Cup 2018? That is the great question, which you can help answering if you try our World Cup Predictor. Step by step you will be predicting who will win the trophy.

Guide: Choose nr. 1 + 2 in each group. After that, you will be asked to pick the winner of each game.

Group A
Russia X
Saudi Arabia X
Egypt X
Uruguay X
Group B
Portugal X
Spain X
Morocco X
Iran X
Group C
France X
Australia X
Peru X
Denmark X
Group D
Argentina X
Iceland X
Croatia X
Nigeria X
Group E
Brazil X
Switzerland X
Costa Rica X
Serbia X
Group F
Germany X
Mexico X
Sweden X
South Korea X
Group G
Belgium X
Panama X
Tunesia X
England X
Group H
Poland X
Senegal X
Colombia X
Japan X